Music of the Spheres

Here are some of the things inside the Griffith Observatory that caught our attention – all of them spherical. The huge object above is a Foucault Pendulum, a simple device which demonstrates the rotation of the Earth.

We also liked the large models of the planets (above) and this large rotating model of the Earth, which showed California (below). A short time later it had turned around so we could see Western Australia, where we live.


Equinox Line

Today is the spring equinox, or the autumn/fall equinox if you are in the northern hemisphere. Actually the equinox occurs at 20:02 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) on 22 September, which is 04:02 on 23 September here in Perth.

We saw this equinox line at Griffith Observatory (below) during our visit to Los Angeles last month. It points directly at the setting sun at the equinox.

Of Spiders and Beetles

We were walking through the bushland of Perth’s Kings Park a few days back, when we noticed this impressive Spider Orchid growing beside a sandy walking trail.

A few minutes later we stopped to photograph some Milkmaids, and noticed that this one has a spider waiting to catch an unwary insect. Then we found these two brilliant Jewel Beetles on a Hibbertia flower. Forget the birds and bees – it’s all about spiders and beetles.