In the Movies

When we were in East Los Angeles a few weeks back, we stopped to admire this street art mural, which we hadn’t noticed before. The next day we found that the mural was part of an action movie set, with actors dressed as Mexican policemen and plenty of other Mexican details.

A few days later we found that the mural had been painted over (below). You can forget the old song lyric that “LA is a great big freeway” – it is actually a great big movie lot.

How Low Can You Go?

We also enjoyed the display of classic lowriders at the Petersen Automotive Museum, titled “The high art of riding low“. The 1963 Chev Impala above is completely covered in striking paintwork, etched surfaces and chrome – even on hidden parts of the running gear.

The low rider below is titled “Gypsy Rose Pinata” and is actually a very large Mexican pinata.