Light Snacks

Of course, the biggest attraction at the Swan Festival of Lights on the weekend was the huge selection of delicious Indian vegetarian food.

And when you had eaten enough, you could watch demonstrations of how to put on a turban – which was trickier than we had expected.


Light Entertainment

We went along to the Swan Festival of Lights at Perth’s Supreme Court Gardens yesterday. It’s a celebration of the Indian Deepavali (aka Diwali) festival.

As you would expect, there was plenty of colour and action, with hanging garlands and displays of Indian dancing. The Swan Festival of Lights ended last night, but there is another Deepavali celebration next weekend – Diwali Mela at Claremont Showground. See you there!

Wildflowers in Season

We went for a walk through Kings Park recently – not in the ever popular botanical gardens, but along the quiet, sandy bushland trails. Along the way we saw plenty of wildflowers.

The Kangaroo Paws (above) have almost finished their flowering season, but there are still some that are at their peak. And if you look carefully, you may spot some trigger plants, like pretty pink Fan-leaved Triggerplant below.

Roamin’ around Los Angeles 2

The Getty Villa in Los Angeles has some amazing Roman artefacts on display. The marble sarcophagus above was made in Athens in about 180-220CE, and is decorated with scenes from the life of Achilles. The Romano-Egyptian sarcophagus below dates from 300-400CE.

And this Romano-Egyptian mummy is from about 120-140CE. They certainly knew how to go in style during the Roman Empire.