A Touch of Glass 2

Easter Window

A few days back we featured the Good Friday stained glass window  at Holy Trinity church on Perth’s Rottnest Island. Here’s the Easter Sunday window.


I Love Candy

Freo Street Arts 2

We also caught this act at the Fremantle Street Arts Festival yesterday. The Candy Girls gave a high energy trapeze and comedy performance that made hanging upside down from a rope look deceptively simple. The festival continues today and tomorrow.

Hat Trick

Freo Street Arts 3

We caught Grant Goldie’s act, “The Man Show”, at Fremantle Street Arts Festival today. The high energy juggling/balancing/comedy show kept everyone roaring with laughter and admiration. A few kids found out why you should never “volunteer” to join in a street show  – but performed so well that they may have discovered their vocation in life.

Street Arts

Freo Street Arts 1

Fremantle is the place to be this weekend. Perth’s port city is always a good place to go for a coffee or a meal. But this weekend it is more alive than ever with the Fremantle Street Arts Festival which runs from 30 March to 2 April.

A Touch of Glass

Holy Trinity Rottnest

On Rottnest Island yesterday, we stopped to look at Holy Trinity Church. It’s an interesting building that could be almost anywhere, if it wasn’t for those give-away eucalyptus leaves. It has stained glass windows with familiar Bible scenes, including this one which is very fitting for today, since it is Good Friday.

Easter Window 1

All Points West

Cape Vlamingh

Yesterday we caught a ferry from Fremantle to Rottnest Island. At the far west end of the island is Cape Vlamingh (above), named after the Dutch naval captain who discovered the island in the 17th century. The next land to the west is Madagascar, over 6400km away.