Built to Last


We also stopped to admire this late 1960s aluminium Miami Contessa caravan at the Vintage & Classic Caravan Grand Parade in Adelaide last month. It was a rare opportunity in several ways. Not only are vintage Miami caravans fairly rare these days (we hadn’t seen one before), but this one belongs to Frank McDonnell – who was the original builder of the van. So he could tell us about the history of these caravans.


6 thoughts on “Built to Last

    • Hi there. I have just purchased a Miami Contessa and I am looking at restoring it. Im trying to track down a good quality pic of the logo. I was wondering if you guys had one?

      • Hi Brett, Not sure, but I think we may have a photo of the logo/decal. I’ll check our photo archives and get back to you by email. Cheers, Keith Hall

      • hi keithnsusan I also have just bought a contessa and would like any details you have on the decals, they are still on the van but have no idea of the true colours of them, also would you know of any parts for one i’m looking for the front window visor/cover stone guard. any help would be great, thanks

      • Hi Tim, We will email you some photos that may be helpful – showing decals on Contessa vans that we have seen. Cheers, Keith n Susan

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