Ibis Hotel

Ibis Tree

We also liked this high rise housing for ibises at Herdsman Lake in Perth.


Blue for Boys

Blue billed Duck

We also went for a walk at Herdsman Lake recently and saw lots of waterbirds. There were plenty of Blue-billed Ducks (above). Only the males have the pretty blue bill, and it is brighter blue in the breeding season. The females have boring brown bills.

There were also lots of Purple Swamphens, generally ferreting around among the reeds and keeping a watchful eye on us.

Purple Swamp Hen

Purple Haze

Freo Purple Cakes

It’s not just roads and statues that have turned purple in Fremantle. To celebrate the fact that the Fremantle Dockers will be competing in tomorrow’s Australian Football League Grand Final, you can buy delicacies like purple cupcakes in Fremantle Markets. Even this Mini Moke in a display near the town hall was flying the flag.

Freo Mini Moke

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Freo Purple Road

You can’t miss the fact that Fremantle is gripped by footie fever at pesent. The local football team, the Fremantle Dockers, will be competing in tomorrow’s grand final for the first time ever.

The team colour is purple, so the brick median strip on the Cappuccino Strip has been painted purple. And there is no doubt about which team former Prime Minister John Curtin (below) is supporting. Well, he was the member for Fremantle after all.

Freo John Curtin