Swings and Roundabouts

Stow Merry go round Geraldton

The great Australian author Randolph Stow was born on 28 Nov 1935 and grew up in the West Australian seaside town of Geraldton. His most famous novel, The Merry-go-round in the Sea, tells the poignant story of a boy growing up in wartime Geraldton.

The merry-go-round above stands on the foreshore in Geraldton. It was built in 1988 in memory of Stow. Unfortunately it was bolted down when we saw it a few months back, pending restoration. But a few years before that we saw it in use (below).

Stow Merry go round 2

Roman around Italy 4

Milan Archaeology 1

We also saw some Roman artefacts in Milan earlier this month. You mightn’t expect to find much Roman stuff in such a large, modern city, but there is plenty to see at the Milan Archaeological Museum. There are displays of Roman archaeological finds, plus some Roman buildings.

The museum adjoins the site of the Roman Circus (for horse/chariot races, not clowns). The late 3rd century Square Tower above was part of there circus and is now a church tower. The Polygonal Tower below was part of the Roman city wall.

Milan Archaeology 2

To Market, to Market 7

Forrest Place Market

On Saturday we went to the Christmas art and craft market in Forrest Place, Perth. There were all manner of hand made gifts on sale, but what we liked most were the retro style ices on a stick, with flavours like coffee or passion fruit. Best of all, they were being sold from a genuine 1950s food kiosk on wheels. It wasn’t a converted vintage caravan, but was custom built for the purpose.

Vintage Icecream Van