All Fired Up 3


We saw this 1949 Field Marshall tractor at Avondale Farm near Beverley, south of Perth. It has a spectacular method of starting from cold. A cartridge, which is rather like a shotgun cartridge without the pellets, is fired by striking the firing pin with a hammer. The engine explodes into life – with a bang, not a whimper.



4 thoughts on “All Fired Up 3

  1. Hi Keith and Susan,
    I was interested to see your post on the Field Marshall tractor…and the method of starting it! I saw a demo of that technique on a Field Marshall when we visited a tractor collection near Mildura during the 2010 Vintage Caravan Nationals. It was certainly a sight to behold, but it struck me as an odd way to start up your tractor every day. You’d think that Field Marshall might have developed another technique over time?
    The other intriuging starting technique I’ve seen – which I’m sure you have also – is on Lanz Bulldog tractors where you pull the steering wheel off, attach it to the fly wheel and rock it back and forth until the engine fires up. That’s after you’ve heated up the glow plug with an oxy acetelene torch or equivalent. Makes you realise that we’ve gone soft when all we have to do is turn a key in the ignition!
    Best of New Year wishes to you both, and looking forward to seeing you in your travels to ‘Somewhere Else’.

    • Hi Richard,

      Yes, watching old tractors and other vintage engines starting up is certainly a reminder that modern life does have its advantages.

      We haven’t seen a Lanz Bulldog start from cold, but have seen other hot bulb engines that require preheating with a blow torch in order to get started. The amazing thing is that those engines have no electrics – no battery, no magneto, no wiring and no spark plugs!

      We’re glad you enjoy seeing us as we travel to Somewhere Else, and hope to see you in real life at a future vintage van event.

      Best wishes for 2015, Keith n Susan

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