A Good Vintage 2


We also stopped to have a chat with the owner of this vintage caravan recently, when we attended the vintage market at Oakover vineyard in the Swan Valley. The van is just 9ft 6in (2.9m) long, is thought to be from 1950s and is a bit of a mystery since its brand is unknown. And it is very striking inside.



3 thoughts on “A Good Vintage 2

  1. G’day Susan and Keith,
    What an interesting little van. I’m trying to figure out what it is.
    I reckon the profile of the ridged aluminium cladding on the front and the roof, and the overhanging bulkhead over the front window but straight back, that it is probably early 60’s rather than 50’s, but I’m just putting 2+2 together to try to come up with 4!
    There seems to be a little nameplate or sellers sticker above the vent in the front panel, but I presume you looked at that? Richard

    • Hi Richard,

      Glad you liked it. The seller’s nameplate on the front reads “Supplied by R.G. Smith, Bulleen Caravans, Bulleen Road, Melbourne 81-9794”.

      The owner has had discussion about the van on the vintage caravan forum and concluded that it probably dates from the mid 1950s. There is an ice chest inside.

      Cheers, Keith n Susan

      • Ah, yes, I remember now. So that probably means that it is a Victorian built van, although it look more like South Oz, eg Sportline or Harris (both built by Schraeder)…

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