Ups and Downs 3

We also like these spiral stairs in Perth. They are the double helix DNA Tower in Kings Park. With 101 steps, climbing the tower is great exercise – and there are impressive views from the top.


Ups and Downs 2

As you may have guessed from our Los Angeles secret stairs blog entry, we are rather partial to a nice set of stairs. So we stopped to admire this heritage wooden stairway across the tracks at Claremont station in Perth recently. The wooden cabin at the top is a signal box dating back to 1906. It’s reportedly the only operating, all-lever, manual signal box left in Perth.

In the Shed

On the weekend we went to the Perth suburb of Claremont to visit the Goods Shed. The heritage railway building has been converted into an exhibition space by FORM, who organise the annual Public mural festival in Perth.

The current exhibition features striking photographs of art installations by Karim Jabbari, a Tunisian artist who came to Perth earlier this year to participate in Public 2016. You can see his mural at Curtin University. The Goods Shed is right next to Claremont railway station, and has a coffee shop.

Great Lakes

We have a soft spot for Perth’s seasonal lakes. A few days back we were near Lake Jualbup in the western suburb of Shenton Park, so we stopped to check out the lake, which was looking good after the winter rains.

Although the lake has been somewhat suburbanised with surrounding lawns and gardens, the local waterbirds still call it their home. There are nests in the water among the reeds and black swans who seemed to find us quite interesting.

Far-sighted Scientist

On 25 August 1609, Galileo Galilei demonstrated his telescope to the authorities in Venice. They were impressed, since the device was obviously useful for both defence and navigation, and rewarded Galileo for his work.

The telescope had actually been invented in the Netherlands a few years earlier, but Galileo worked out the underlying science and built better telescopes. The above sculpture is on Galileo’s tomb in the church of Santa Croce in Florence.