Hong Kong in a Hurry

Earlier this week, we spent a few hours in Hong Kong. It wasn’t an incredibly short holiday – we were in transit and just had time to get out of the airport for a short while.

As usual in this situation, we hopped the airport express train down to Hong Kong Island, and then caught a Star Ferry across the spectacular harbour. The view was a bit grey and misty, since we arrived just after a short, sharp downpour. But was definitely better than hanging around in the airport for hours.


Head for the Hills 6

As you would expect, we saw plenty of spectacular spring wildflowers growing beside the Statham’s Quarry Walk in the Perth Hills – including Pincushion Coneflowers (above) and Three-stamened Fringed Lilies.

We even spotted this White Spider Orchid.

Head for the Hills 5

The Statham’s Quarry Walk, which we did last weekend, is a loop trail at Gooseberry Hill east of Perth. The walk basically goes downhill for the first half and then back up to the starting point. Along the way there are plenty of rolling hills, and the rather picturesque Statham’s Quarry.

The trail goes around the old Zigzag Railway (now a road), and occasionally goes right along the old railway cuttings.

Going to Seed

We went to Kings Park to see the outdoor exhibition “Future Keepers” a few days back. It shows the amazingly detailed structures of many seeds and runs through to 30 September.

Afterwards we went for a walk through the bushland of Kings Park, where you can see plenty of impressive wildflowers, including Donkey Orchids …

… and Cowslip Orchids …

… and the ever-popular Kangaroo Paws, all growing in a natural bush setting.