Any Body Home?

Since today is Halloween … we were walking along the ocean front at Bathers Beach in Fremantle recently, and stopped to look at this unusual wooden beach shelter. A nearby sign explained that the structure is on the site of the late 19th century mortuary. The wooden seats inside are a slightly macabre reminder of the past.


Golden Harvest

When we visited Ely Cathedral in Cambridgeshire earlier this month, they were celebrating the annual harvest festival. So the cathedral was full of displays of local produce.

We especially liked this Union Jack.

Up in Lights

Last night we went to Perth’s Elizabeth Quay to attend the Swan Festival of Lights, aka Deepavali or Divali for short.

There was plenty of colourful entertainment on the stage.

Great Indian music, dancing ladies, dancing men and a few mysteries.

And of course, world class Indian vegetarian food. Don’t despair if you missed the fun – the festival continues tonight and tomorrow night.

Seeing the Light

We featured the labyrinth inside Ely Cathedral last week, but that is not the most famous thing about this large building that dates back to the Norman era. That squat tower on the right in the photo above is the cathedral’s main claim to fame.

The unique tower was built in the early 14th century, after the original tower collapsed. It was rebuilt as an octagonal lantern tower, which lets light into the centre of the cathedral and looks quite spectacular from inside.

Swan Lake 2

We also walked around Herdsman Lake in Perth a few days back, and stopped to admire this pair of Black Swans. They appeared to be doing a courtship ritual, raising their heads high in the air and honking in unison.

There were also plenty of ducks, including Pacific Black Ducks. They are the most common ducks in parks and lakes around Perth, but look quite cute relaxing in the sunshine with their ducklings, or swimming on the lake.

Other species of ducks at the lake included these two Hardheads.