Ghostly Light

While we were in Fremantle a few days back, we called in at the Fremantle Arts Centre (above) to catch the “Light Geist” exhibition. Over the years the historic building has served as a mental asylum, homeless shelter, technical school and military headquarters.

Light Geist features illuminated artworks/installations that are in darkened rooms, creating a rather intriguing, disorienting and mysterious atmosphere – but all entertaining and well worth a visit. The exhibition runs through to 22 January.


Broad Spectrum

We were in Perth’s port city of Fremantle a few days back and stopped to admire this striking public artwork. It’s titled “Rainbow 2016” and is by local artist Marcus Canning. The huge sculpture consists of nine shipping containers forming a rainbow coloured arch, and is situated in Canning Highway near the old traffic bridge.

Lake Birds

We were walking past the suburban lake in Mabel Talbot Park, in the Perth suburb of Jolimont, recently. Despite its small size and the houses nearby, there are quite a few waterbirds in the lake at present.

As well as Pacific Black Ducks, Eurasian Coots, Australian Grebes and Black Swans, we spotted some Yellow-billed Spoonbills (above) and Australian Shelducks (below).

Lake Wildflowers

We also went for the 3km walk around Lake Leschenaultia. As well as views across the lake, there were some interesting wildflowers along the trail. There was plenty of Mulla Mulla (above) and Southern Cross flower (below), which looks just like the star constellation that it is named after. Southern Cross flower is native to the south of Western Australia, so we were a bit surprised to find it growing wild in the Perth Hills