Cocky Country

We saw these Red-tailed Black Cockatoos​ sitting in a dead tree in Perth’s Bold Park recently. That’s a male above, with red feathers under the tail, and a female below, with striped tail feathers and spots on the head and wings.


Paint the Town 2

While we were in Northbridge, we also stopped to admire this Black Cockatoo mural in Newcastle Street. It features Red-tailed Black Cockatoos (above) and Carnaby’s Black Cockatoos. We see and hear both species regularly in Perth suburbia, even though they are both classified as being threatened.

Medical Matters

We were walking past the Western Australian Medical Museum in Subiaco recently and went inside for a look. The museum had plenty of graphic reminders of how much medicine has improved during the past century.

We especially liked the early “lying in” room above and this collection of Flying Doctor memorabilia. The volunteer run museum is only open on Wednesdays and some Sundays, so check their website for details.