Will Power

We ran into William Shakespeare repeatedly during our visit to London last October. The bust above is in St Mary Aldermanbury Garden in Love Lane, and the statue below is in Leicester Square. Presumably the Immortal Bard doesn’t like pigeons! You can see other Shakespeare locations on our book blog.


The great globe itself

Shakespeare’s original Globe Theatre in London burnt down on 29 June 1613. A second Globe was built on the same site in 1614, but closed down in 1642. And of course, there is now a third one – Shakespeare’s Globe (above), which we saw during our visit to London last October.

It all reminds you Shakespeare’s lines in The Tempest, “the great globe itself … shall dissolve … and leave not a rack behind”. Though in fairness, he was referring to the world, not the theatre.

Different Points of View

That’s Perth above, as seen from Kings Park, with the CBD on the left and the Narrows Bridge and Old Swan Brewery on the right. But since the Swan Coastal Plain is rather flat, you can see Perth from many different parts of the metropolitan area.

Can you figure where these three photos were taken? One hint: They are in the order of increasing distance from the city centre.

So, how many could you recognise? The second photo from the top was taken from Lake Monger (5km from CBD) on a rainy day. The one above is from Herdsman Lake (6km), and the one below from Bold Park (8km).

Winter Wildflowers 4

Here are three more wildflowers that you can see in Perth’s Bold Park at present.

The pale pink flowers up top are Diplopeltis huegelii (no common name, as far as we know) and the deep red flowers above are Cockies Tongue (Templetonia retusa). The flowers below are Yellow Tailflower (Anthrocercis littorea). All are native to Western Australia.