Going to Extremes

During our visit to Los Angeles earlier this month, we went to the Natural History Museum to see the Extreme Mammals exhibition.

The animal below is the largest land mammal that ever lived on Earth. It is Indricotherium, a gigantic plant eater that weighed around 20 tonnes and stood 5m tall at the shoulders. It was about the size of 3-4 adult African elephants and died out 23 million years ago. Tomorrow we’ll show you the smallest mammal ever.


Japanese if you Please 2

As well as the Japanese Tanabata Festival that we featured in the previous entry, we also went along to see the Nisei Week grand parade in LA’s Little Tokyo district.

The parade kicked off with an exhibition of motor bike riding by the LAPD, and then had a variety of Japanese cultural displays, including music, dancing and martial arts.

There were also several portable Shinto shrines, which reminded us of the time we spent living and working in Japan.

Japanese if you Please

Last weekend we attended the Japanese Tanabata Festival celebration in the Little Tokyo district of Los Angeles.

There were stalls selling Japanese clothing and trinkets outside the Japanese American National Museum (above), and origami workshops inside.

Plus performances of Japanese music, and colourful paper lanterns. The Japanese character on the red lanterns means “festival” and the white ones say “good luck/fortune”.