On the Wall

While we were in Fremantle on the weekend, we had lunch at a food court, sitting at a table with a view of this giant numbat. It’s by Belgian street artist ROA and is one of our favourite murals in Perth.

With its big eyes and claws, the numbat has a powerful presence – rather reminiscent of the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood. “What big eyes you have!”


Social Moores

On the weekend we went to the Moores Building in Fremantle to see “The Modern Scribe” – an exhibition of contemporary calligraphy.

There were many different takes on the idea of calligraphy, with artworks in many different styles.

We liked all of them, including “Chaos Book” by Martin Dickie (below). Unfortunately the exhibition ended yesterday, so if you didn’t go to see it, you’ve missed out!

Gadding about Guildford 5

We also stopped to admire some of Guildford’s heritage pubs, and had refreshments in the Rose & Crown (above) which dates from 1841. It is the oldest operating pub in Western Australia and the second oldest in Australia.

The Guildford Hotel (below) dates from the gold rush of the 1890s. It has been restored to its former glory after the catastrophic fire of 2008.

Gadding about Guildford 3

There is an interesting historical museum inside the old courthouse in Guildford, which we featured in the previous entry.

We especially liked the bells. The one above is from the sailing ship ‘Marquis of Anglesea’ which was wrecked at Bathers Beach in Fremantle in 1829 – the year the Swan River Colony was founded. The bells below were sheep bells, used by shepherds in the past.