Keep on Rollin’ Along 2

When we were in Victoria a few months back, we visited Graham and Linda’s Vintage Caravan Museum in Dunolly. The collection of vintage vans included this Roadmaster (branded as a Greythorne Roadstar) with plenty of retro memorabilia inside.

And also a small Flynn which looked like the teddy bears’ picnic was being held inside.


Keep on Rollin’ Along 1

We have a bit of a thing for retro/vintage caravans, so yesterday we had to stop and admire this super cute coffee kiosk in the Perth suburb of Osborne Park.

A few weeks back we also saw this old caravan which has been reborn as a donut kiosk in Subiaco.

And also spotted this caravan in Claremont recently, promoting the Scribblers Festival of literature and arts for children.