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Water, Water Everywhere

As well as the hilltop walk in yesterday’s blog entry, we also walked around the lake at Manning Park.

Along the way we spotted a Nankeen Night Heron, patiently waiting for lunch to swim past (above), and a family of Pink-eared Ducks, who were rather pointedly swimming away from the camera. Just camera shy, maybe.


Wildflowers in Season 3

We went for a walk along the Davilak Trail at Manning Park, south of Fremantle, recently. After climbing up the long staircase to the hilltop, you get great views of the lake in the park. And there are wildflowers in bloom beside the winding trail along the escarpment.

We saw Parrot Bush (above) and Thick-leaved Fanflower (below).

And also this Cryptandra mutila, which was covered in masses of small creamy yellow flowers.

Light Entertainment

We went along to the Swan Festival of Lights at Perth’s Supreme Court Gardens yesterday. It’s a celebration of the Indian Deepavali (aka Diwali) festival.

As you would expect, there was plenty of colour and action, with hanging garlands and displays of Indian dancing. The Swan Festival of Lights ended last night, but there is another Deepavali celebration next weekend – Diwali Mela at Claremont Showground. See you there!

Wildflowers in Season

We went for a walk through Kings Park recently – not in the ever popular botanical gardens, but along the quiet, sandy bushland trails. Along the way we saw plenty of wildflowers.

The Kangaroo Paws (above) have almost finished their flowering season, but there are still some that are at their peak. And if you look carefully, you may spot some trigger plants, like pretty pink Fan-leaved Triggerplant below.