Light Snacks

Of course, the biggest attraction at the Swan Festival of Lights on the weekend was the huge selection of delicious Indian vegetarian food.

And when you had eaten enough, you could watch demonstrations of how to put on a turban – which was trickier than we had expected.


Light Entertainment

We went along to the Swan Festival of Lights at Perth’s Supreme Court Gardens yesterday. It’s a celebration of the Indian Deepavali (aka Diwali) festival.

As you would expect, there was plenty of colour and action, with hanging garlands and displays of Indian dancing. The Swan Festival of Lights ended last night, but there is another Deepavali celebration next weekend – Diwali Mela at Claremont Showground. See you there!

Japanese if you Please 2

As well as the Japanese Tanabata Festival that we featured in the previous entry, we also went along to see the Nisei Week grand parade in LA’s Little Tokyo district.

The parade kicked off with an exhibition of motor bike riding by the LAPD, and then had a variety of Japanese cultural displays, including music, dancing and martial arts.

There were also several portable Shinto shrines, which reminded us of the time we spent living and working in Japan.

Japanese if you Please

Last weekend we attended the Japanese Tanabata Festival celebration in the Little Tokyo district of Los Angeles.

There were stalls selling Japanese clothing and trinkets outside the Japanese American National Museum (above), and origami workshops inside.

Plus performances of Japanese music, and colourful paper lanterns. The Japanese character on the red lanterns means “festival” and the white ones say “good luck/fortune”.

Sydney on the Fly 2

These two artworks caught our attention in the “Glorious” exhibition at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, which we featured yesterday. The large and rather Chinese style painting above is “Blossom gatherers II” by Indian/English artist Raqib Shaw. The 17th century Japanese screen below depicts Flowers of the four seasons” starting with the New Year on the right.

Sydney on the Fly

We recently had a one day layover in Sydney, breaking the long journey between Perth and Los Angeles. As usual, our first port of call in Sydney was the Art Gallery of New South Wales. After having coffee and pear slice in the cafe, we looked around the “Glorious” exhibition.

This exhibition features a wide range of interesting artworks and artforms from many parts of Asia. We even folded some simple origami. The exhibition runs through to next year and is well worth a visit.