Lake Life 2

Walked around Lake Claremont in Perth’s western suburbs yesterday. Plenty of water in the seasonal lake after the winter rains.

Only spotted a few birds, including this pair of Pink-eared Ducks and an Australasian Grebe on its nest.


Lake Life

Walked around Herdsman Lake recently. Views of central Perth on the horizon, and plenty of interesting birds to photograph.

Pair of Great Crested Grebes above and Australian Shelduck (male) below.

Even the common Purple Swamphens look impressive when reflected off the water.

Such is Life

We ran into the famous 19th century Australian bushranger Ned Kelly a few days back.

The exhibition Rebels, Radicals and Pathfinders at the Art Gallery of Western Australia features a series of paintings of Kelly by Sidney Nolan. They manage to be iconic and whimsically amusing at the same time. These three sum up Kelly’s life – death of a policeman, shootout at Glenrowan, and trial.

Colour Combinations

We’ve been for a few walks through the bushland of Kings Park recently and have been struck by the amazing colours of different wildflowers growing next to each other. Sometimes the colour combinations are bold, like the Kangaroo Paws and yellow Wattle above – and sometimes subtle, like the purple Native Wisteria and pink Swan River Myrtle below.