Going Public 2

We also stopped to admire The York, which points out that the pub is located 0 degrees 6 minutes 19 seconds west of Greenwich Meantime – an amusing reference to the Meantime Brewing Company, which is located in Greenwich.

Of course, those minutes and seconds don’t refer to a time difference. They are measures of longitude. The pub is located 6 minutes 19 seconds west of the Greenwich Meridian. That corresponds to a local time difference of about 25 seconds.

Going Public

We have a bit of a soft spot for London pubs, and managed to visit a few of them when we were in England a few months back. They all seem to have their own unique character. We spotted this one – The Old Queen’s Head – in the suburb of Islington.

From the pub sign below, there are no doubts about which “old queen” they have in mind. Hmmm, it sounds almost treasonous. In bygone times the old queen might have said ” We are not amused” or even “Off with their heads”.