Winter Blooms

As well as yesterday’s orchids, we saw plenty of other wildflowers while walking through the bushland of Kings Park recently. The iconic kangaroo paws (above) are just coming into flower, and the Native Wisteria is looking great.

Wattle (Acacia species) is in full bloom.

There lots of different pea flowers, including this one, which we think may be Daviesia nudiflora.

And some impressive fungi as well.

On Seeing the First Orchids in Spring

It’s still mid-winter here in Perth, but there are already plenty of interesting wildflowers to admire. We went for a walk through the bushland of Kings Park a few days back, and noticed that there are plenty of early orchids in flower. The green one above is a Banded Greenhood Orchid, and the purple/brown one below is a Coastal Banded Greenhood.

Green Eyes

As well as yesterday’s Hovea, the rather similar looking Native Wisteria is also flowering in Perth’s Bold Park at present. They both have blue/purple pea type flowers, but they are quite easy to tell apart. Hovea is a straggly shrub with narrow leaves, while Native Wisteria is a climber with broad leaves. But the most obvious difference is that Native Wisteria has distinctive green “eyes”.