Bird’s Eye View

We were walking beside the Swan River in Como a few days back and noticed that the local cormorants have a rather nice view of Perth CBD.


General Meeting 2

This striking FX Holden Ute (or Model 48-215 if you’re a bit pedantic) caught our attention at GM Owners Day last weekend. The artwork in the tray is amazing.

And this totally unrestored 1968 HK Monaro 327 GTS. It’s only done 72,000 miles since new.

And who can resist a 1977 HZ Sandman in Panama Green? It’s pure 1970s.

Wholly Cow

While we were in Perth a few days back, we noticed that the city has been invaded by a herd of cows. They are part of Cow Parade 2016, which has 40 cows scattered around the city centre.

The three colourful cows shown here are Le Grand Panache (top) by Pascal Proteau, Jersey Girl (above) by Empire Rose, and Laozi’s Cow and the Excellence of Water by Gregory Pryor.

The Great One

Yesterday we went to see the exhibition “Gandhi in Me” at Barracks Square in Perth. The rather psychedelic looking steel artworks are by Vibhor Sogani, who is based in New Delhi. The exhibition was presented by a Perth-based organisation called Borderless Gandhi, which promotes Gandhi’s values of peace, equality and nonviolence.

Somehow Mahatma Gandhi’s iconic image seems to be prominent in each artwork, despite all the distorted reflections. Incidentally, “Mahatma” wasn’t Gandhi’s first name – it is a title and very appropriately means “the great one/soul”. The exhibition finished yesterday.

In the Shed

On the weekend we went to the Perth suburb of Claremont to visit the Goods Shed. The heritage railway building has been converted into an exhibition space by FORM, who organise the annual Public mural festival in Perth.

The current exhibition features striking photographs of art installations by Karim Jabbari, a Tunisian artist who came to Perth earlier this year to participate in Public 2016. You can see his mural at Curtin University. The Goods Shed is right next to Claremont railway station, and has a coffee shop.

Writing on the Wall

Last weekend we visited the Art Gallery of Western Australia to see some of the current exhibitions. This installation artwork particularly caught our attention. It is by Jitish Kallat and is titled Public Notice 2.

The text is the speech that Gandhi made before setting out on his march across India to protest against the salt tax. He established the pattern of peaceful civil disobedience for all subsequent protestors. The monumental work is on display until 22 August.