Taking the High Ground

We recently walked the Baldwin’s Bluff trail at Serpentine National Park, south of Perth. It’s only 6km there and back, but moderately hard going, with steepish up and down grades covered in small loose rocks.

There are impressive views from the top (above), with Serpentine Falls in the distance. We had a picnic lunch nearby, where there was this balancing walker’s cairn. The tiny rock on top is ours!

On the Street

We were in Perth’s port city of Fremantle on Saturday, and stopped to enjoy some of the Fremantle Street Arts Festival which finishes today.

Market Street (aka the Cappuccino Strip) was closed to traffic, so the cafes and bars spilled out across the road. We said hi to Neemoo, one of the buskers. He isn’t an Earthling like us, and assured us that he comes from a planet many lightyears away!

In Alphabetical Order

Today is the anniversary of the publication of Samuel Johnson‘s great “Dictionary of the English Language” (aka Johnson’s Dictionary) on 15 April 1755. It remained the dictionary for the next 150 years.

We visited Johnson’s House during our visit to London six months ago. It is a nicely restored 18th century townhouse full of period furniture, Johnson memorabilia and books – including Johnson’s Dictionary of course.

Easter Eggs

Last month we featured this Australasian Grebe with eggs in the nest, amusingly located in the ornamental lake in Perth’s Subiaco Common surrounded by houses. Today the eggs and the nest have disappeared. In their place you will find a group of little grebelets (or should that be grebelings?).

They have striped faces and keep their parents busy, diving to find waterweed for their young chicks to eat.