Painted Sunset

There is always something satisfying about watching the sun set “into” the ocean. A few days back we were walking along City Beach in Perth at sunset, and liked the changing light and colour as the sun sank into the Indian Ocean.

The top photo was taken 10 minutes before sunset, the one above as the sun just touched the horizon, and the one below 10 minutes after sunset.

Hong Kong – Wildlife

We also saw more wildlife than you might expect during our trip to Hong Kong last month, including the Red-whiskered Bulbul above on Lamma Island and the grasshopper below on Lantau Island.

We also came across a number of cows roaming free on Lantau Island, in the area around Po Lin Monastery and the Big Buddha.

And one day we looked out of the window of our hotel room in Causeway Bay, and found a large Black Kite looking in at us. It was standing on a ledge below the window.

Bold Animals

As well as the flowers that we featured yesterday, we have seen plenty of interesting animals in Bold Park recently. There are quite a few colourful Rainbow Bee-eaters (above) and some well camouflaged Tawny Frogmouths.

There are also some impressive spiders, including Golden Orb Weavers with the “packaging” from previous meals hanging in their web.

And this colourful spider that looks like the West Australian version of the St Andrew’s Cross Spider that lives on the east coast. It’s called a Banded Garden Spider or Banded Argiope.

Bold Flowers

Spring is the peak wildflower season in Perth, it there are still some striking flowers in autumn. In Bold Park at present there are small wildflowers in the undergrowth, but the biggest and “boldest” are the Banksias. Acorn Banksia (above) is in full flower, and the Firewood Banksia (below) is just coming into its flowering season.

Slender Banksia (below) has finished its main season, but there are still a few late flowers hanging around.