Let’s Dine Out

You can’t miss the diners in Los Angeles – they’re everywhere. With those tall signs out front, they look like something from a 1950s movie. But despite the retro and rather iconic appearance, they are just casual eateries going about their everyday business.


Sydney on the Fly 3

From the Art Gallery of New South Wales, we walked across the Domain to Sydney Hospital. The building stands on the site of the old Rum Hospital, as described in the plaque above. From front, the current hospital looks rather grim.

However the central courtyard is much more likeable, with an ornamental fountain and plenty of interesting architectural details.

Rack and Ruin

The town of St Albans dates back to Roman times (when it was called Verulamium), so there are some interesting ruins. The ruins above are part of the Roman town wall and are situated in Verulamium Park overlooking the lake. The ruins below are from a 16th century manor house, built on the site of the 12th century Sopwell Nunnery.