Birds of a Different Feather

We visited the Turner Galleries in Northbridge a few days back to see the exhibition “A Rare Bird in the Lands” by Eva Fernandez. The rather strange photographs depict birds and other local animals dressed in clothes from Australia’s colonial past. Somehow they manage to be gloomy, sad, amusing, disturbing and mesmerising – all at the same time.

This thought provoking exhibition is well worth a visit, but closes on 17 November.


Such is Life

We ran into the famous 19th century Australian bushranger Ned Kelly a few days back.

The exhibition Rebels, Radicals and Pathfinders at the Art Gallery of Western Australia features a series of paintings of Kelly by Sidney Nolan. They manage to be iconic and whimsically amusing at the same time. These three sum up Kelly’s life – death of a policeman, shootout at Glenrowan, and trial.

Hung Up

We were in the Perth suburb of Northbridge a few days back and called in at Turner Galleries to check out the current art exhibitions.

There were three exhibitions in three different rooms, featuring works by three very different artists – Richard Giblett (top), SinĂ© MacPherson (above) and Kati Thamo. Definitely worth a visit, but you’ll have to hurry – these exhibitions end on 4 August.