Day and Night 4

Another installation that we liked in the Vivid Sydney festival was this collection of origami cranes. They light up at night, but looked great in the winter sunshine as well.


Council of War

A few days back we visited Turner Galleries in the Perth suburb of Northbridge to see the current exhibition, “The Council” by Stuart Elliott. The life size figures are both enigmatic and rather threatening, in a Star Wars-ish way. The exhibition ends on 26 May and is well worth a visit.

The Printed Word 2

We were in the Perth western suburb of Claremont earlier today, and went to see the rest of the artworks in the current “Off The Page” exhibition (i.e. the ones that we didn’t see last week).

These three printed paper based works are by Mike Stilkey (top), Jennifer Collier (above) and Wilma Van Boxtel (below). The exhibition is scattered around shops and buildings in Claremont and runs through to 13 May.

The Printed Word

We were in Claremont earlier this week and stopped off to look at some the art installations in the Off The Page exhibition. All are made of paper, especially from books and newspapers.

These two are Paper Typewriter by Jennifer Collier and Fabric of Society by Joanna Sulkowski. The exhibition is scattered around the main shopping area of Claremont, has a total of eleven artworks and runs through to 13 May.