Easter Bunnies

On the weekend we went to the Linton and Kay Gallery in the Old Perth Technical School building (above) to see the exhibition of artworks by Hayley Welsh, titled “Torn“.

The exhibition was nicely arranged, giving a feeling that you were actually in the artist’s studio.

There were plenty of Hayley’s trademark floppy eared rabbits (or something like rabbits anyway), in a variety of forms. You can also see a mural by her at Curtin University. The exhibition runs through to 23 April and is well worth a visit.

The Medium is the Message

Today is the last day of Sculpture by the Sea at Perth’s Cottesloe Beach. Here are two more artworks that we liked, both with an environmental focus.

The giant soft drink can above is “Cansumerism” by Hayley Bahr and Tim Keevil, and the sculpture below is “Plastic Paradise” by Kathy Allam – it’s made out of plastic soft drink bottles.

The Hole Truth

Here are some more artworks from Sculpture by the Sea at Perth’s Cottesloe Beach, all with ocean views through holes. The sculpture above is “Oushi Zokei” by Keizo Ushio (spot the amusing anagram). The one below is “The Window of the Future” by Sang-Sug Kim.

And this one is “Pause” by April Pine.

As you might guess from the shadow, the person in the sculpture above is a surfer. He looks quite different from the side.