Water, Water Everywhere

As well as the hilltop walk in yesterday’s blog entry, we also walked around the lake at Manning Park.

Along the way we spotted a Nankeen Night Heron, patiently waiting for lunch to swim past (above), and a family of Pink-eared Ducks, who were rather pointedly swimming away from the camera. Just camera shy, maybe.


Herdsman Birdsman 2

As well as yesterday’s Black Swan cygnets, you may also spot a few Nankeen Night Herons at Herdsman Lake – even in the daytime. These herons have a distinctive appearance, but their immature offspring (below) look quite different. You could easily think they were an entirely different species.

There are usually some Yellow-billed Spoonbills wading around in the shallows too.

Perth Lakes – Subiaco

The ornamental lake at Subiaco Common is so small that you can walk around it in about two minutes.

But even though it is small and surrounded by housing, you can see some interesting birds there. Small fluffy Australasian Grebes (below) are there almost all the time, as are coots and Pacific Black Ducks. Sometimes you will find Black Swans, Shelducks and maybe even a Kingfisher.

Perth Lakes – Jolimont

Jolimont Lake, in Mabel Talbot Park, is only a few hundred metres in width. So you can walk right around it in five minutes.

Despite its small size, quite a lot of birds come to the lake at different times of the year – including several duck species, herons, egrets, spoonbills, coots, grebes and swans. Informative signs describe some of the birds that you may see. On a recent visit, we saw this family of Australian Wood Ducks out for a swim.