Bold Spring 2

Here are some more West Australian wildflowers that we saw in the bushland of Bold Park earlier this week.

That Granny Bonnets up top, Diplopeltis huegelii above, and Slender Clematis below.


Green Eyes

As well as yesterday’s Hovea, the rather similar looking Native Wisteria is also flowering in Perth’s Bold Park at present. They both have blue/purple pea type flowers, but they are quite easy to tell apart. Hovea is a straggly shrub with narrow leaves, while Native Wisteria is a climber with broad leaves. But the most obvious difference is that Native Wisteria has distinctive green “eyes”.

Winter Wildflowers 4

Here are three more wildflowers that you can see in Perth’s Bold Park at present.

The pale pink flowers up top are Diplopeltis huegelii (no common name, as far as we know) and the deep red flowers above are Cockies Tongue (Templetonia retusa). The flowers below are Yellow Tailflower (Anthrocercis littorea). All are native to Western Australia.