Pretty in Pink

Wildflower season is well underway here in Perth. Yesterday we walked around the Zamia Trail in Bold Park and stopped to photograph the pink ones (there were too many yellow ones!).

Those are Pink Fairy Orchids up top, Diplopeltis huegelii above, and Grevillea crithmifolia below.

Plus some Geraldton Wax


Wild about Wildflowers 1

Only a month until spring arrives! We went for a walk in Perth’s Bold Park a few days back and spotted plenty of colourful wildflowers.

The Common Hovea above is flowering in many places, and the Prickly Moses below is just coming into full bloom.

Cockies Tongue is past its best, but there are still some impressive examples like the one below.

Daisy, Daisy

Autumn in Perth’s Bold Park, and not so many wildflowers to admire. But that yellowish plant in the left foreground deserves a closer look. It’s Coastal Daisy Bush, which has tiny yellow flowers but is rapidly approaching the end of its flowering season.

The plant is also known as Wild Rosemary and was reportedly used as a culinary herb by sailors on ships that came here in the 17th century.