Trick Perspective

As well as the Neapolitan crib scene in the previous blog entry, the church of Sant’Ignazio in Rome has plenty of other interior details to enjoy – including the trompe l’oeil (optical illusion) ceiling. The dramatic views of blue sky, clouds, saints and angels through towering arches are actually painted on.


Italian Christmas

We saw this impressive Neapolitan presepio (Christmas crib/manger scene) in the church of Sant’Ignazio (St Ignatius) in Rome a few months back. Towards the top of of the busy village scene you can see the familiar Christmas story with the Holy Family, angels, wise men, etc.

No Snoring Aloud

We also liked some of the details inside St Michael’s Church in St Albans. The wooden pulpit above dates from late 16th or early 17th century and has all mod cons, including an hour glass to ensure the sermon doesn’t go on for too long.

There is also a 17th century monument to the statesman/scientist Francis Bacon. He is supposedly relaxing, but looks amusingly like he is sleeping through the sermon.