Head in the Clouds

The rather wet start to winter in Perth has produced some dramatic cloud formations (between the showers).


East and West

Yesterday evening we went for a walk along the water’s edge at City Beach in Perth. The sun had just set and the western sky looked clear.

But it was a different story in the east, where masses of churning cumulonimbus cloud were glowing orange in the dying rays of the sun. There was obviously something brewing. During the night we had plenty of thunder and lightning, and some heavy downpours as well.

Eye in the Sky


We saw this interesting optical phenomenon around the sun yesterday. It’s called a halo, or 22° halo if you want to be technical. The striking effect is caused by the scattering of light by ice crystals in the high level clouds – probably cirrostratus.

It looks a bit like a huge eye staring ominously down at you from above – like something from a science fiction movie or The Lord of the Rings.