Fit for a King 3

Sturt’s Desert Pea with its striking red and black flowers in the botanical garden section of Kings Park in Perth.


Birds and Bees

The Slender Banksia trees in the bushland of Perth’s Bold Park still have plenty of bright yellow flower heads.

The flowers are very popular with birds, like the White-cheeked Honeyeater above, and also with bees.

In the Wild

We also went for a walk through the bushland of Perth’s Kings Park recently and saw plenty of wildflowers growing in their natural habitat. That’s a Sand-dune Fringed Lily above, and Yellow Starflower below.

There is also quite a lot of this amusingly named Yellow Autumn Lily (it is still spring here).

This one with the dry, papery petals is Waitzia suaveolans (no common name that we know of).

In the Garden

A few days back we went for a walk through the botanical garden section of Kings Park. Although it is almost the end of spring, there were still plenty of West Australian native wildflowers in bloom.

We especially liked the Cooloomia Verticordia (above) and this brightly coloured Kalbarri Beaufortia.

And this delicate Blue Lace Flower as well.