Summer Wildflowers 2

There are also two different species of honeymyrtle flowering in Perth’s Bold Park at present – Chenille Honeymyrtle (above) and Coastal Honeymyrtle.


Summer Wildflowers 1

We went for a walk in Perth’s Bold Park a few days back. Although the main wildflower season is now over, there are still plenty of colourful native wildflowers in bloom at present.

The One-sided Bottlebrush (above) and Fringed Lily (below) add a splash of colour beside the walking trails.

Going Bush

Having driven past Craigie Bushland in Perth’s northern suburbs many times, we finally stopped and went for a wander along the bush trails.

Informative signs describe some of the local flora and fauna, so we could easily identify the colourful Davesia nudiflora below.

Already knew that the red flowers below were Running Postman (aka Scarlet Runner)