Sydney on the Fly 4

During our one day stopover in Sydney, we also walked through Hyde Park several times.

Along the way, we stopped to admire the statue of Governor Macquarie (top), the Archibald Fountain (above) and this small fountain supported by rather fanciful dolphins.


Sydney on the Fly 3

From the Art Gallery of New South Wales, we walked across the Domain to Sydney Hospital. The building stands on the site of the old Rum Hospital, as described in the plaque above. From front, the current hospital looks rather grim.

However the central courtyard is much more likeable, with an ornamental fountain and plenty of interesting architectural details.

Sydney Stopover 3

During our brief visit to Sydney last week, we stopped to admire the Archibald Fountain in Hyde Park. It was bequeathed to the people of Sydney by JF Archibald, who was the editor of The Bulletin magazine and died in 1919.

Then we saw this tantalising trailer for the Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prizes in the Art Gallery of New South Wales. The prize winners will be announced this week, and the finalists and winners will be exhibited in the art gallery from 16 July.

Roman Animals 5


We also saw plenty of bees in Rome. The one above is at the Palazzo Barberini, while the Fountain of Bees (Fontana delle Api) below is in the nearby Piazza Barberini.

The bee is a symbol of the Barberini family. The fountain is by the great sculptor Bernini and has three bees towards the base of the shell. It was made in 1644 for the Barberini pope Urban VIII.


Roman Animals 4


We also spotted plenty of lions in Rome. The lion above is one of the two Lions of Nectanebo, which date from the reign of Egyptian pharaoh Nectanebo II, who reigned from 360 to 343BCE. Today they stand in a courtyard in the Vatican.

The Egyptian style lion below was made in the early 19th century to decorate the Piazza del Popolo.


No Coins in the Fountain


We mentioned last week that the famous Trevi Fountain in Rome is currently undergoing a major facelift. There is no water in the fountain and signs warn visitors not to throw coins in.

Fortunately, the authorities have provided an alternative for visitors. There is a small pool where you can throw coins – as you can see above. So your wishes can come true without interfering with the restoration.