Walking in Walyunga

A few days back we went for walk in Walyunga National Park, about 30km northeast of Perth. The walk followed the course of the youthful Swan River, which had plenty of water after the winter and early spring rains.


Autumn Wildflowers 2

We also saw some impressive late autumn wildflowers during our visit to Katoomba last month. These ones were all growing along the Prince Henry Cliff Walk.

The spiky flower up top is Mountain Devil, and the pinkish one above is Red Five-corners. We never did find out what the pretty little flower below is called.

Perth Lakes – Herdsman

Being located on the Swan Coastal Plain, Perth isn’t very well supplied with mountain hiking trails. However it has many great lakes to walk around. One of the largest is Herdsman Lake, which is 7km from the city centre, but looks closer than that in the photo above.

The walk around the lake is 7.7km in length, but is flat and quite easy. Along the way you can see many interesting waterbirds, including ducks, swans, coots, egrets, herons, ibises, spoonbills and many more. On a recent visit we noticed a Nankeen Night Heron (above) peering at us from the treetops and a shy Buff Banded Rail (below) looking for a snack in the shallows.

Taking the High Ground

We recently walked the Baldwin’s Bluff trail at Serpentine National Park, south of Perth. It’s only 6km there and back, but moderately hard going, with steepish up and down grades covered in small loose rocks.

There are impressive views from the top (above), with Serpentine Falls in the distance. We had a picnic lunch nearby, where there was this balancing walker’s cairn. The tiny rock on top is ours!

On the Zamia Trail

We’ve walked around the Zamia Trail in Perth’s Bold Park several times recently. The loop trail is 5km in length, plus another kilometre or two if you park at the Tuart or Camel Lake carparks.

The trail takes its name from the primitive Zamia that grow along the route. They look like palms, but are actually cycads. Their ancestors used to get nibbled by dinosaurs. At present the seed cones on female Zamia plants are splitting open to reveal the large, bright orange seeds inside.

Hong Kong – Lamma Island 4

This is the fishing village of Sok Kwu Wan, where we ended our walk along the Lamma  Island Family Trail. We liked this colourful Chinese temple on the edge of town.

We also stopped to look at this cave beside the walking trail, near the village. It’s known as a Kamikaze Grotto, since the Japanese were planning to launch kamikaze boats from this and other nearby caves during World War 2.

Hong Kong- Lamma Island 3

We also went for a hike across Lamma Island during our recent visit to Hong Kong. The Lamma Island Family Trail goes from Yung Shue Wan to Sok Kwu Wan, along a paved and well signposted pathway.

Along the way there are stretches of woodland, and also views across the island and the surrounding sea. It all feels like you are a long way from the hustle and bustle of Kowloon