Familiar Faces

All visitors to Los Angeles hope to spot a few celebs. Here are some we saw during our visit last month.

That’s Yosemite Sam up top, Salvador Dali above, and Calvin & Hobbs below.

And Bob Marley

And of course, this familiar face too …


Octopus’s Garden


We noticed this large octopus mural in Fremantle yesterday. It’s still work in progress, but will be quite large when it is completed. The mural faces the southern end of the old traffic bridge.


Rome Outdoor Art


We saw plenty of Renaissance and baroque art during our recent visit to Rome – and also stumbled across some of our favourite street artists. This giant bear cub mural is on the wall of the Mercato Vittoria, in the Prati district.

It’s by Belgian artist ROA, whose work we have also seen on the streets of Perth and Los Angeles. Although the bear cub looks rather cute, it actually has a sad story to tell – as you can read here.

Tribute to Wembley Ware


We were cycling through the Hay Street subway in the Perth suburb of Subiaco recently and stopped to admire the artwork. The mural is by Too Much Colour and pays tribute to the Australian Fine China works that used to be nearby.

The pottery made lots of decorative crockery and ceramic ornaments, known as Wembley Ware and still a popular collectible. The owl was a a popular piece – shown below when an example was displayed in a local shop window during Wembley Ware Week a few years back.

Easter Mural

Brescia Nuns Choir Yesterday was Good Friday (in fact it still is, in some parts of the world) which reminded us of our visit to the Italian town of Brescia last October.

In the Museum of Santa Giulia there is a 15th century choir, which is known as the Nun’s Choir. It looked down into the adjoining church, so nuns could attend church services without mixing with the rest of the congregation. The walls are richly decorated with murals, including the Good Friday scene shown above.