Some Like it Hot 4

Here are a few more wildflowers that we spotted in the bushland of Perth’s Kings Park recently. Beautiful fringed lilies above, and rather late flowers on the West Australian Christmas Tree.

And some amazing fungi as well.


Some Like it Hot 3

Went for an early morning walk in the bushland of Kings Park a few days back.

Spotted some interesting mid-summer wildflowers, including Summer Starflower (above) and Narrow Leaf Mulla Mulla.

Some Like it Hot 2

Here are some more flowers that you can see along the bushland walking trails in Perth’s Bold Park, right now in the middle of summer.

Thats Yellow Leschenaultia up top, and Western Coastal Wattle (Acacia cyclops) above. The wattle takes its name from the spectacular seeds (below), which look like the eye of the legendary one-eyed giant Cyclops.

And the Jarrah trees are in flower too.

Some Like it Hot 1

It’s high summer here in Perth, with temperatures getting up to about 40C this weekend. But there are still some wildflowers in bloom. A few days back we walked around the Zamia Trail in Bold Park (above).

Saw plenty of Slender Banksia with its big yellow flower heads, and Tangle Daisy with tiny, almost unnoticeable flowers.