Wireless On-site 2

Inside the museum at Wireless Hill you can see this scale model of the site, which shows the 120m radio tower, large concrete anchor blocks and buildings, as they were in their heyday.

There is also a current exhibition titled “50 Years, 50 Objects: Melville City”. We especially liked this 1960s handbag style transistor radio.


Different Points of View

That’s Perth above, as seen from Kings Park, with the CBD on the left and the Narrows Bridge and Old Swan Brewery on the right. But since the Swan Coastal Plain is rather flat, you can see Perth from many different parts of the metropolitan area.

Can you figure where these three photos were taken? One hint: They are in the order of increasing distance from the city centre.

So, how many could you recognise? The second photo from the top was taken from Lake Monger (5km from CBD) on a rainy day. The one above is from Herdsman Lake (6km), and the one below from Bold Park (8km).