Wall to Wall 7

We noticed these ruins right beside the city wall in Pisa. They look similar to ancient ruins in Rome, and are called Nero’s Baths. But apparently they aren’t actually Roman ruins at all – that’s just a local legend.


Over the Hill

On the weekend we climbed the long staircase at Manning Park, south of Fremantle.

Great views from the top, across the lake (above) and the heritage listed Davilak ruins, the remains of an 1850s homestead.

Rack and Ruin

The town of St Albans dates back to Roman times (when it was called Verulamium), so there are some interesting ruins. The ruins above are part of the Roman town wall and are situated in Verulamium Park overlooking the lake. The ruins below are from a 16th century manor house, built on the site of the 12th century Sopwell Nunnery.

Rack and Ruin

We were out for a walk recently and stopped to check out these ruins. They reminded us of the Palatine Hill in Rome, but are actually the ruins of a farm house and associated buildings next to Manning Park in Cockburn, south of Fremantle.

The site is known as the Davilak House Estate Ruins, since the buildings were constructed for the Davilak family farm in 1860. It’s an important archaeological site, since the estate had a limestone house, dairy, vineyard that were among the earliest in the colony.