Golden Egg

No, it’s nothing to do with the famous goose that laid a golden egg. It’s part of the “Hours to Sunset” sundial at the University of Western Australia (featured in the previous blog entry). Time flies, and it also lays eggs!


Full Moon Fever

We also stopped to admire this new sculpture at Perth’s Elizabeth Quay. It’s by Bruce Abbott and is based on a Noongar (local Aboriginal) story about some boys who swam in the Swan River at the full moon. They were washed out to sea and became Carnac Island.

The Medium is the Message

Today is the last day of Sculpture by the Sea at Perth’s Cottesloe Beach. Here are two more artworks that we liked, both with an environmental focus.

The giant soft drink can above is “Cansumerism” by Hayley Bahr and Tim Keevil, and the sculpture below is “Plastic Paradise” by Kathy Allam – it’s made out of plastic soft drink bottles.