Upstairs, Downstairs

During our recent visit to Craigie Bushland, we also went up and down the two long staircases leading onto Quindalup Dunes. Plenty of interesting flowers along the ridge, including this Native Wisteria.


Over the Hill

On the weekend we climbed the long staircase at Manning Park, south of Fremantle.

Great views from the top, across the lake (above) and the heritage listed Davilak ruins, the remains of an 1850s homestead.

Stairways to Heaven 2

Here are some more interesting stairs that we saw during our trip to Hong Kong last month. The colourfully painted stairs above are in Aberdeen, on Hong Kong island. The stairs below are painted with town names and years. They are in Causeway Bay and commemorate the Olympic Games up to the Beijing Olympics.

And these stairs lined with comic book characters lead up from Nathan Road to Kowloon Park.

Stairways to Heaven

We came across many impressive sets of stairs during our recent visit to Hong Kong​, many of them at temples. The vertigo inducing stairs above are at Wong Tai Sin Temple, and the stairs below lead up to Hau Wong Temple.

And of course, this long staircase leads up to the Big Buddha at Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island.

Ups and Downs 6

The Spanish Steps, which were featured in yesterday’s blog entry, aren’t actually our favourite stairs in Rome. That honour goes to the steep set of steps leading up to Santa Maria in Aracoeli, on the Capitoline Hill and shown on the left in this photo. The smaller set of stairs on the right are actually a cordonata – wide, shallow steps that can be used by both humans and horses.