Four Walls 2

This mural was also part of the Paint Subi project a few weeks back. It’s by local artist Hayley Welsh, who is shown in action above.

The mural is in a pedestrian laneway that runs off Rokeby Road and features three of Hayley’s trademark critters.

This one is helping with the painting.


Four Walls 1

There are four newly painted murals in Subiaco, from the Paint Subi project which was completed last weekend. This one is on the post office in Rokeby Road and features an old fashioned postie, a Black Swan on the wing and some paper planes.

The mural is by Evoca1, who comes from the Dominican Republic and is now based in the US, with Jarrad Martyn. The photo below shows the mural while it was still work in progress.

The Big Picture

If you visit Fremantle at present, you’ll notice that High Street isn’t looking its normal sedate self. There are splashed of yellow on many of the buildings, including the town hall and many of the ornate facades.

The reason is simple – Fremantle High Tide 17 is underway, and the yellow patches are part of an 800m long artwork. The art is by Paris based Swiss artist Felice Baroni and is titled “Arcs d’Ellipses”. You can only see the overall artwork from the steps leading up to the Roundhouse, at the western end of High Street. Fremantle High Tide 17 runs through to Nov 12.