Swans on Swan

Went for a walk beside the Swan River in the Perth suburb of Mosman Park recently. Nice views of Point Walter – the long sandbar stretching half way across the river. And even spotted this Black Swan with its cygnets.


Urban Wildlife 2

There are also plenty of waterbirds at Herdsman Lake, about 7km northwest of central Perth (on the horizon above). At present there are plenty of bird families with very cute offspring, like these Grey Teals.

You’ll often see Australian Wood Ducks grazing on the grass beside the lake, or out for a swim like these ones.

And the fluffy Black Swan cygnets are as cute as can be.

Suburban Wildlife 3

This is the ornamental lake at Subiaco Common in Perth’s western suburbs. It doesn’t look like a great place to find wildlife but there is more here than first meets the eye.

To start with, a pair of Black Swans took up residence in the lake during the spring and have stayed there ever since. We are waiting to see if they head north in autumn. Meanwhile they are frequently featured on our Instagram page – swanningaroundperth.

For the Birds


We saw this sign beside a road in South Perth yesterday. Wondering why the swan crossed the road, we went for a closer look. Sure enough, there were indeed Black Swans, enjoying the winter sunshine beside a lake.


These large birds are a bit intimidating when they look you straight in the eye, but cute when they nestle down for a snooze.