Bold Spring

We went for a walk around the Zamia Trail at Perth’s Bold Park earlier this week.

There are plenty of spring wildflowers in bloom at present, including Prickly Moses (top), Geraldton Wax (above) and Grevillea crithmifolia. Some are past their best, but others are just coming into flower.


Swinging Sydney

The Pyrmont walk that we described yesterday starts near the Pyrmont Swing Bridge at Darling Harbour in Sydney. The bridge dates from 1902 and had a central section that swings open to let large boats through.

Along the walk we saw the Anzac Bridge, which was built in 1995. Beneath the Anzac Bridge you can see the Glebe Island Bridge (below), which is another swing bridge. It was opened in 1903, and is now disused.

Sydney History Walk

We generally call in at Darling Harbour when we are in Sydney. But during our visit to Sydney a week back, we literally went a step further by doing a historical walk in the adjoining area of Pyrmont.

Along the way, we saw early 20th century Navy buildings (top) and this view of the harbour from Ways Terrace.

The walk went past the old CSR sugar refinery (above), which has now been turned into a housing development. And even took us on some secret stairs (below). You can can pick up a copy of the “Port History Walk Pyrmont” brochure at a tourist information office, or download it as a PDF here.

LA Skyline

Here are some more photos from the “Secret Stairs” walk that we did last week in Silver Lake, Los Angeles. (See yesterday’s blog entry for details.)

As well as plenty of palm trees and interesting houses, there were glimpses of the downtown LA skyline and the Hollywood sign. Definitely a great walk!

Ups and Downs

Last week we went for a walk along some of the hidden staircases in the Los Angeles suburb of Silver Lake. It’s a hilly neighbourhood, so the stairs are generally long and steep. We especially liked the piano-style stairs above.

There were plenty of interesting streets and houses that didn’t quite look like most of LA – rather like they were somewhere else instead. The enjoyable walk is number 19 in the book “Secret Stairs– A walking guide to the historic staircases of Los Angeles” by Charles Fleming.