Bridge and Water

The vintage caravans featured in the past three blog entries were photographed in the town of Bridgewater (or Bridgewater on Loddon to give its full name), on the Loddon River in Victoria. Here are the bridge and water that gave the town its name.


Heading South

A few days back we hopped a train to the coastal town of Mandurah, about 70km south of Perth. A much more restful and enjoyable journey than driving!

Mandurah is a great place for walking along the waterfront, and along the canal development.

Water from a Rock

Merredin Rock 1

When we visited the West Australian wheatbelt town of Merredin last month, we went to see Merredin Rock on the edge of town. This amazing rock was turned into Merredin’s water supply late in the 19th century.

Walls around the base of the large rock catch rainwater and direct it down a long man-made channel into a dam (below). It’s a bit like a Roman aqueduct.

Merredin Rock 2