Watch out for Spiders

We spotted our first Spider Orchids for this year recently, growing wild in the bushland of Kings Park just a few kilometres from Perth city centre.


Pretty in Pink

Wildflower season is well underway here in Perth. Yesterday we walked around the Zamia Trail in Bold Park and stopped to photograph the pink ones (there were too many yellow ones!).

Those are Pink Fairy Orchids up top, Diplopeltis huegelii above, and Grevillea crithmifolia below.

Plus some Geraldton Wax

Colour Combinations

We’ve been for a few walks through the bushland of Kings Park recently and have been struck by the amazing colours of different wildflowers growing next to each other. Sometimes the colour combinations are bold, like the Kangaroo Paws and yellow Wattle above – and sometimes subtle, like the purple Native Wisteria and pink Swan River Myrtle below.

Going Bush

Having driven past Craigie Bushland in Perth’s northern suburbs many times, we finally stopped and went for a wander along the bush trails.

Informative signs describe some of the local flora and fauna, so we could easily identify the colourful Davesia nudiflora below.

Already knew that the red flowers below were Running Postman (aka Scarlet Runner)