Taking the High Ground 2

Although it is mid autumn here in Perth, there were still some interesting wildflowers along the Baldwin’s Bluff trail at Serpentine National Park. There was plenty of the large flowered Hibbertia species above and also these small daisies.

And a few spectacular flowers on the Lemon-scented Darwinia as well.

We were pleased to see that Lemon-scented Darwinia was featured on the large sign in the picnic area – because it featured one of our photos ( with our permission, of course). Oops, sorry for the shameless self promotion – but we did earn the bragging rights after all.

Bold Autumn Colours

We went for a walk through Perth’s Bold Park recently. It’s mid-autumn here in Perth and you might not expect to find any wildflowers in bloom. However if you look carefully, there are still colourful flowers to admire.

We noticed Fringed Lilies (above) and this Grevillea vestita.

And Yellow Leschenaultia.

And Firewood Banksia.

And even some trees with the less common, all yellow variety of Firewood Banksia. You don’t have to wait for spring to enjoy wildflowers in Perth!

Bold Animals

As well as the flowers that we featured yesterday, we have seen plenty of interesting animals in Bold Park recently. There are quite a few colourful Rainbow Bee-eaters (above) and some well camouflaged Tawny Frogmouths.

There are also some impressive spiders, including Golden Orb Weavers with the “packaging” from previous meals hanging in their web.

And this colourful spider that looks like the West Australian version of the St Andrew’s Cross Spider that lives on the east coast. It’s called a Banded Garden Spider or Banded Argiope.

Bold Flowers

Spring is the peak wildflower season in Perth, it there are still some striking flowers in autumn. In Bold Park at present there are small wildflowers in the undergrowth, but the biggest and “boldest” are the Banksias. Acorn Banksia (above) is in full flower, and the Firewood Banksia (below) is just coming into its flowering season.

Slender Banksia (below) has finished its main season, but there are still a few late flowers hanging around.

Fit for a King

We went for a walk through the botanical garden section of Kings Park in Perth recently. Although it was around the end of summer, there were still plenty of flowers to admire.

We liked the Marri (top) and Illyarrie (above), both of which you can see in many places in Perth, and also this pretty Aniseed Boronia which is native to the southwest of Western Australia.

Lake Wildflowers

We also went for the 3km walk around Lake Leschenaultia. As well as views across the lake, there were some interesting wildflowers along the trail. There was plenty of Mulla Mulla (above) and Southern Cross flower (below), which looks just like the star constellation that it is named after. Southern Cross flower is native to the south of Western Australia, so we were a bit surprised to find it growing wild in the Perth Hills