Albany in the Rough 4

During our recent visit to Albany, we also went to the rather aptly named Stony Hill in Torndirrup National Park. Did the short and fairly easy 500m loop walk. Great views, though looking rather grim on a cloudy day.

Plenty of interesting wildflowers, including Bull Banksia (above) and these colourful flowers growing on exposed rock faces.

And if you like World War 2 sites, there was also a plaque marking the site of a radar station that was located on the hill.


Albany in the Rough 3

Also went for a walk around Lake Seppings during our recent visit to Albany, on the south coast of Western Australia.

Spotted these wildflowers and the Kings Skink below beside the walking trail.

Some Like it Hot 2

Here are some more flowers that you can see along the bushland walking trails in Perth’s Bold Park, right now in the middle of summer.

Thats Yellow Leschenaultia up top, and Western Coastal Wattle (Acacia cyclops) above. The wattle takes its name from the spectacular seeds (below), which look like the eye of the legendary one-eyed giant Cyclops.

And the Jarrah trees are in flower too.