Summer Wildflowers 2

There are also two different species of honeymyrtle flowering in Perth’s Bold Park at present – Chenille Honeymyrtle (above) and Coastal Honeymyrtle.


Summer Wildflowers 1

We went for a walk in Perth’s Bold Park a few days back. Although the main wildflower season is now over, there are still plenty of colourful native wildflowers in bloom at present.

The One-sided Bottlebrush (above) and Fringed Lily (below) add a splash of colour beside the walking trails.

French Connections 2 – Art

More interesting displays from the French Explorers in Western Australia exhibition. Cameras hadn’t been invented yet, so the naturalists had to sketch the plants, animals and coastline that they saw. They also took seeds back to France, where they were grown into plants and then included in books depicting Australian wildflowers.