Albany in the Rough 3

Also went for a walk around Lake Seppings during our recent visit to Albany, on the south coast of Western Australia.

Spotted these wildflowers and the Kings Skink below beside the walking trail.


Albany in the Rough 2

We found plenty to look at while walking on Mount Melville in Albany – including colourful wildflowers and large Orchard Swallowtail Butterflies.

Some that were rather camouflaged, like this dragonfly.

And this tiny praying mantis on a semaphore sedge.

Suburban Wildlife 3

During the past month or so we have also seen these different critters in the suburbs of Perth – an Australasian Grebe (above) on the nest in the western suburbs and colourful Rainbow Bee Eaters in Kings Park.

And Golden Orb Weaver spiders in various patches of bushland. This pair (female at the bottom of the photo) were in the northern suburbs. The smaller male has to be careful not to become the female’s dinner.